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  • A simple interface to keep overall track
  • Daily updated rankings on your keywords
  • Add as many countries as you need
  • Know your mobile Google rankings

It’s important that you’re always aware of your visibility on search engines, so you can react to changes or be aware of how you may improve your Google position to optimize your business prospects.

With Tiny Ranker rank tracker, you can add as many keywords are you’d like. We do daily updates on Google rankings and always present data in a transparent and manageable format.

You can choose to track your SEO keywords in several languages, just as you can choose to see rankings by searching on mobile devices.

Keyword lists = Transparency

If you have an abundance of keywords it can be difficult to keep it manageable. That’s why we’ve added the option to classify keywords in keyword lists.

For example, you might establish keyword lists which mates with your product collections, themes or landing pages. This way, you can work with an isolated area thus avoiding having to handle unnecessary data.

  • Get daily updated Google rankings
  • Compare ranking with the previous day, week, month or year
  • Follow ranking on mobile devices
  • Arrange keywords in keyword lists to ease transparency
  • Follow your SEO optimization initiatives with annotations and task management

Other features

Keyword Analysis

View keywords that you rank on, but haven’t added to your site. View competitors keywords. Keyword search statistics on all keywords.

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On-page SEO

See how well your landing pages are optimized for keywords. Receive suggestions for on-page SEO optimization. Prioritize efforts based on facts and knowledge.

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See who you’re competing against for ranks on Google. Add your own competitors - and compare ranks. See what keywords your competitors use to target Google AdWords.

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Dennis Drejer

As a shop owner there are many things to keep track of daily. Therefore, I always try to get tools and systems to keep track of as much as possible. With Tiny Ranker I can leave them to do rank tracking and simultaneously get the best possible reporting to the cheapest possible price.

Dennis Drejer

Simon Paag

Tiny Ranker helps us track rankings in 4 different language. We are not SEO-specialists, but with Tiny Ranker it's really easy. Tiny Ranker and black coffee is a part of the morning rutine - it's addictive.

Michael Dahl

Axion Nordic

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