Privacy Policy for Tiny Ranker ApS

The privacy policy covers’s, under Tiny Ranker ApS (“the Company”), collection and usage of personal data which is gathered through the use of the website (“the Website”) or upon registering as a user on the website.

Personal data is information which can be used to identify individuals through for example their name, address, phone number and/or IP address. Information about how you use the Website, for example by making a purchase, is also considered to be personal data.

The Company is responsible for processing the collected data through the usage of the website.
The Company complies with and keeps up to date with current privacy laws.

The content is identical to the privacy policy carried out in the Company’s internal controls. In case of doubt, the internal control’s version applies. The CEO of the Company is responsible for ensuring the privacy policy is kept up to date, also on the Website.

1. What information is stored and how is this used?

The Company collects data about who you are and how you have used the Website. This data is used to improve the Website and the overall user experience.

Data provided by the Website user:

The Company collects the following information through the Website:

If you complete a purchase through the Website, the following will also be stored:

In addition to this, we can amend other information related to your purchase such as automatically aggregated information from the payment provider and relevant statistics.

Data collected through the use of the Website

The Company logs user activity such as time of login, the number of logins, how the service is used, purchases, etc. This data is stored on our servers.


Cookies are small text files which are placed on the user’s computer when a website loads. The Company does not use cookies to collate data and because of this it can not trace usage of the Website to an individual.

The following cookies are used on


All data collected through cookies is anonymous and not individually identifiable.

2. The purpose of data collection

The above-mentioned data is collected in order to fulfil our agreement with our registered customers. In addition to this, the information is collected to help improve the service and ensure that it is developed in a satisfactory manner, for example through offers and lower prices through customised and relevant campaigns. The Company will also use the information for statistical purposes for its own and affiliated partners’ use.

3. Legal basis for the processing of personal data

The legal basis for the Company’s processing of personal data is the user’s consent of this privacy policy, as well as the terms of use. Consent is given informatively, voluntarily and explicitly.

4. Access to user data extradition

Data provided to the Company can be shared with the following: >

These companies use the personal data in relation to the purpose defined in point number 2 in this privacy policy. The companies are bound to data processing agreements signed with the Company.

5. Routines for archiving and deleting

The data is stored for as long as it is deemed necessary for the service. This means that user data is deleted when a customer relationship ceases, provided there is no other regulation requiring it to be kept for accounting and bookkeeping.

Users can at any time request for their data to be deleted by emailing [email protected] Please note that data deletion is irreversible and that all information linked to the account of the user will be irredeemable.

Some customer data must be stored for a longer period of time in order to comply with regulation concerning accounting and bookkeeping. However, this data will be stored separately.

6. Storing and securing the data

The Company highly values its customers’ privacy and will ensure it is protected in accordance with applicable legislation.

This means that the Company ensures the data is stored in a secure way in compliance with the privacy laws at any given time and that it will not be made available to unauthorised parties. The Company also ensures that the information is stored in systems which meet the required information security standards in terms of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility.

The Company’s employees and affiliated partners are obligated to follow the laws, regulations and internal guidelines applicable to the processing of personal data.

7. The rights of registered customers

Registered customers have the right to request access, correction, deletion, data portability, demand that the processing of personal data is limited and oppose certain types of processing.

Customers also have the right to file a complaint with the Norwegian Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet) if they suspect their personal data is being processed in breach of Danish regulations.

8. Contact information

Contact us at any time with questions regarding our processing of personal data and enforce the above mentioned rights by getting in touch with the Company’s CEO by emailing [email protected]

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